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Chicago video production


With the rising popularity of video, developing a video marketing strategy is essential for attracting new customers and keeping your current ones engaged. From our very first conversation with you, Sam Fox Films becomes your creative partner. With the online world evolving every second, our team stays plugged in to differentiate what's effective and what's a passing trend. We work hard to design your video content to drive attention to your brand.

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Avant Communications
Kenna Homes

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Laying the right groundwork is essential to developing a great video. Pre-production is where we figure out the best game plan for your business. We decide on the video concept, the look/feel and style, we write the script, cast any actors, decide on location and set design, and lock down all the other details involved with how the actual video is going to look, sound, and perform.

1. Pre-Production

We're rolling! Now that we have the road map developed in the pre-production stage, it’s time to put it all together in front of the cameras. This is where our professional crew of director of photography, camera operators, sound engineers, and lighting techs do what they do best - film a great video.

2. Production

Our editorial post-production team kicks in to shape your story, handle color-correction, record any voice overs, clean up the audio, add music, create graphics and in general make sure your video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production. It's at this stage that you’ll see the first cut.

3. Post Production

We don't just point and shoot. We collaborate with you to find the best methods for sharing your stories with the world. When we see the bigger picture, it's easier to capture it.


This is meant for the home page of your website or on the page where you talk about who you are and what you do. Not only does having a video increase your website's visibility on Google, it grabs your customer's attention.


We'll snap your chats and Tik your Toks. It's no secret that video is everywhere now. Here is where we get to have the most fun and show off your brand in :59 seconds or less. If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a video says.


Whether your brewery just released a new IPA or you want to show off your insane knitting skills, we can help put you on the map for all to see. Demos and creative walkthroughs are great ways to retain engagement.

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