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Do I really need video?

As much as I love a good book, often times video is a more engaging experience than reading pages of written words. If you found this site, chances are you're looking for a great way to tell a story. Whether that's of your brand, a product, or to showcase your talents, video takes it to a whole other level and opens up a world of possibilities. Videos are shared when we want others to experience how we just felt. It’s how we connect with each other. Speaking of sharing, think of the last time you were on Facebook. How far down your feed did you get before a video appeared? Not very far right? And of course there’s YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. Second only to Google. Who owns them. I think you get the picture.

What is your process like?

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

#1 - Conversation

Whether you have a well thought out plan or not, we'll chat over the phone or in person about your business goals and the creative directions we can take with your video. We’ll have a pre-interview session to discuss on-camera tips including talking points, wardrobe etc. We will do an in-depth research of your business and create talking points for you. The best videos are never as simple as point and shoot and we want you to feel comfortable before we've even picked up a camera.

#2 - Production

The fun part! Lights, cameras, action – knowing exactly what we need before we step through the door ensures that we're not wasting time and energy. We always welcome creative feedback while we're shooting so feel free to peek over our shoulder!

#3 - Delivery

We're all about quick turnarounds. When you're happy with how it looks, and only then, we deliver your awesome video in all the preferred dimensions of each social media platform. Easy right?

How are you different from hiring a full-scale production company?

We specialize in small scale, high production value. While there's nothing wrong with a having a large production crew in the room, our shooting and editing styles offer a more personal touch, ensuring the focus is on you. It's no secret that technology has grown significantly in the last few years, allowing us to be minimal and non-invasive while maintaining the highest quality.

With every business we meet, it’s not just about that one project. It’s about building a relationship. From visits, to clicks, to phone calls, we have 2 main goals for every business we work with. Attract more customers and cut costs in marketing and advertising. Video marketing doesn't have to be hard (or expensive!) Google Adwords, Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Sponsored posts, YouTube preroll – there's a lot of ways you can market yourself. We take the work out of your video marketing strategy so you get to focus on running your business!


We produce high quality video content that will increase your online presence, boost customer engagement and show off your business across all social media platforms. The world’s attention is trending towards digital content. Sometimes, all it takes is one great video for the world to see you.