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Building your next video project doesn't have to be a daunting task. A 30 min discovery call will help us learn who your brand is, where to add value and how to provide a clear message in a creative way. 

2147 S Lumber St
Chicago, IL 60616

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  • Can you help write a script or talking points?
    Absolutely! Just as important as the visuals is the framework of your story. Our candid directing approach allows our team to create proper story structures and ask compelling questions so you sound authentic, not scripted.
  • How do we choose where to film?
    You've probably heard it before, location is key. Whether we prepare your location or go offsite, the goal is to choose the aesthetic and tone that best fits your brand.
  • Should we hire professional actors or use our own staff?
    There's no wrong answer, but there are definitely best practices. A good rule of thumb is first identifying who your video is for before choosing who should be in it. We do have a list of trusted actors and voiceover artists ready to tackle your next project.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    It depends on the complexity of the project. Simpler ones can be completed within 48 hrs where as more dynamic productions can range between 1-2 weeks. This will be discussed on our introductory call so you're not left wondering when your content will show up.
  • Any pro tips for being on camera?
    The best tip for being on camera is actually very simple. Sending the script or talking points to the talent ahead of time is important for sounding and appearing confident on camera. Other tips include: Using your hands while you talk will help loosen you up and shake off those nerves. Short and concise answers will instill confidence and keep your audience engaged. Be yourself. The more you let your personality shine, the more authentic your message becomes.
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